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August 7, 2012
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Luna: Water and Ink by MarbleYarns Luna: Water and Ink by MarbleYarns
Favorite pony, favorite mediums, & favorite hiking spot.

My entry for *CosmicUnicorn's art challenge, in which we were supposed to draw our favorite pony enjoying nature using any traditional medium.

I used to go hiking all the time, but for the last several months, I haven't gone at all. When I came across this art challenge, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to get myself out hiking again. So, I grabbed my art supplies and went out to my favorite hiking spot. It was an odd was almost like that sharp but enjoyable sensation you get when you step into a cool stream for the first time on a hot day. So, I thought it would be proper do have Luna doing the same. I accidentally left my camera at home (which was probably for the better) so the scene was created using the marker sketches I did on location and what was contained in my mind.

This was a delight to create.

Ink & watercolor on cold-press watercolor paper

MLP (c) Hasbro
Special thanks to Lauren Faust, the MLP team & CosmicUnicorn.
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Cloudwilk Aug 28, 2012  Student Filmographer
That style looks nice ^^
Cuando vi esta imagen se me viona a la mente "el toro y a luna", esta genial.
-El Toro y la luna- (Fragmento)
La luna se esta peinando
En los espejos del río
Y un toro
La esta mirando
Entre la jara escondido

Cuando llega
La alegre mañana
Y la luna se escapa del río
Y El torito se mete en el agua
Embistiendo al ver que se ah ido
Very lovely work.

The fact that you did this using a traditional media make it even better. Luna is a bigger bonus. Yeah. You remind me I need to go hiking more too.
all the best entries have luna in them , it's only fitting......
This is awesome! Though, at first, I didn't know it was a stream she was in until I noticed the ripples around her hooves and I guess it was too shallow than ones I've ever seen before. But now I appreciate it even more. :-D
AAAAAAAAAAWESOME! You should have received first place ex aequo with :iconsugarcube-owl:. I love the overall mood of your entry, even if something isn't technically right. (For example things :icontheinexplicablebrony: pointed out; I can't notice anything incorrect here on my own.)

My view on art is: I don't give a f*ck about correctness when mood is awesome.
MarbleYarns Aug 15, 2012  Student General Artist
I'm glad you enjoyed the piece! There were some awesome entries, and ~Sugarcube-Owl's painting was pretty well executed. I agree with you in that being correct just for its own end isn't really necessary (unless that is the purpose of the image), but I do think I could have pushed that feeling of place a litttttle bit further by brightening those reflections. I dunno, as long as it felt right to you, that's what matters. It was a hot day, and the water was so nice with those little bright points of light coming through the leaves...
I mean yes, it would look better with those light points, I just didn't think about it until I read :icontheinexplicablebrony:'s comment.
Beautiful, I love the style.
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